With our focus on agricultural and genetic intellectual property, innovative products, and advisory Bazelet Oglesby is one of only a few companies positioned to truly establish legal cannabis and hemp as a respected, sustainable industry. We are honored and accept with responsibility, that we are part of authoring its history

Gary Hennen, Director, Bazelet Oglesby

Genetics | Tissue Culture | Breeding

At Bazelet, our focus is on breeding top quality plants to pinpoint correlations between the genetic effects of certain strains for their optimal medicinal, consumer, and industrial application.

Bazelet brings together a global team of horticultural specialists that unite a host of science-based solutions with substantial knowledge and experience in plant physiology, weed management, replant problems, pest and disease control, and sustainable agriculture.

Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Bazelet Oglesby is one of the most experienced companies in plant tissue culture with intimate knowledge of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Our Plant Tissue Culture Center [PTCC] performs a process known as micropropagation, meristem culture, and cloning. This technology aims to “clone” or otherwise reproduce many identical copies of an elite plant or strain.

Bazelet’s PTCC specializes in tissue culture transformation and breeding with capabilities to produce tens of million Stage II, III, and IV hemp plants annually